Selling in the Wintertime

Selling in the Wintertime

Traditionally the winter time is not seen as the best time of year to sell your home.  That isn’t as true as it used to be, today we live in a digital age and the internet is open 24/7 allowing people to look for their perfect home any time that they want to.  If you are thinking of selling or you have to sell because of a job move there are some perks to selling in the wintertime.

Buyers are More Serious

If a buyer braves a polar vortex to come and look at your home during an open house then they are definitely serious about buying a home and they aren’t just there for the free cookies.  Everybody checks out open houses during the spring and summer but December and January are about the real buyers.  This is better for you as Mother Nature has weeded out those who aren’t really looking for a home.

The Internet is Always Open for Business

Today  most people shop for homes on the web rather than contacting an agent to show them around to houses.  Sites like or Zillow make is so much easier for buyer’s to shop around the local market and check out the houses that are available.  Something like 42% of all buyers shop the web before ever having a conversation with an agent.  If you are a seller then you also need to recognize the need to have your home properly listed across the web so that a potential buyer sees your home.

Less Inventory on the Market

We have already established that buyers during this time of year are generally serious about finding a house.  On the plus side for you is that there are fewer people selling houses.  Less demand means a better price for your home.  Often houses that are listed in the wintertime close quickly and aren’t on the market for months at a time.

The Drawbacks

Yes this time of year is busy, it’s busy for everyone but so what.  Moving is always stressful no matter when you do it, but you just have to struggle through it.  First work with a realtor so that showing and offers and most of the real estate tasks can be handled by them and not you.  Focus on doing what you need to do, break down your to do list into manageable chunks, you would be surprised at just what you can accomplish when you have to get it done.


Improving Your Curb Appeal

Improving Your Curb Appeal

Once you decide to sell your home then the time has come to put in the work to help it sell quickly and for a good price.  There are pricing strategies and staging that need to be done but improving your curb appeal is every bit as important.  As the old saying goes “you only have one chance to make a first impression” so you want the curb appeal of your home make your buyers want to come inside.  So how do you get started to improve the look of your property so that buyers are beating down your door.


Start with your landscaping and you may want to take a look at your property from every possible angle.  Don’t forget the back yard either it is almost as important as the front of your home too.  What is the first thing that people notice?  Is your lawn well-kept and properly mowed?  Have your flower beds been weeded or do you even have any flower beds.  What about the driveway and the walkway, are they in good shape?  Landscaping provides a great return when you are looking to sell.  Book in a landscaping company to assess your property and see what they can do for you.  They are used to people looking to improve the landscaping in order to sell, they will know how to help you in the most economical way possible.

The Home

Now you need to look at the house objectively and see what it needs.  Could it use a good power wash?  You can rent a power washer at home depot and clean the dirt and pollution from the front of the house.  You can give the windows a good clean at the same time.  Do you need to repaint or just do some touch ups.  Lastly, you need to look at your front door, does it need to be replaced.  Replacing your front door with a steel door can make buyers feel secure.  It is a fairly low cost upgrade that gives a great return.

Clean Up the Toys

If you have hockey nets or basketball hoops in the driveway or other toys that your kids use it is time to clean them up and put them away.  The same goes for garbage bins or any other clutter that is in your yard.  Removing clutter isn’t just for inside the house it needs to be done on the outside as well.  You want a clean and tidy yard that looks well maintained.

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal.  A well maintained yard conveys to buyers that you care about your house and put the time in to look after it.